The sun's energy is available in unlimited quantities.

With your own photovoltaic system, you use the energy of the sun and produce your own electricity. Get rid off rising electricity prices.

Become independent of rising electricity prices

Switch to photovoltaics

With your own photovoltaic system, you use the energy of the sun and produce your own electricity. This makes you less dependent on rising electricity prices. Use as much of the electricity you produce as possible and feed surplus electricity into the grid - this is the best way to make your photovoltaic system pay for itself.



Safe Money

A photovoltaic system guarantees you long-term savings. The current electricity prices in Germany are approx. 31.37 ct/kWh, and with the use of a PV system you pay approx. 6-12 ct/kWh.


By using a PV system, you take the first step towards independence from electricity providers. By using an electricity storage system, you gain the ability to guarantee your power supply even in the event of a power outage.


By using PV systems, you make a direct contribution to environmental protection. You also actively participate in the energy transition by reducing electricity consumption from conventional sources.

Make more out of your space


Due to the above-mentioned points, photovoltaics is the best solution for unused areas. You too can become ecological and progressive and save money at the same time.

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Important for you

Anyone who decides in favour of a photovoltaic system should clarify a few questions in advance. After all, the system should produce solar power and generate profits for at least 20 years. The following points must be taken into account during planning

Available roof area, orientation and pitch

Type and quality of photovoltaic modules

Investment and operating costs

Financing with your own capital or funding?

Receiving money for sharing your electricity

Proper photovoltaic modules

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