Heat pump

Invest in the heating of the future, combine it with your PV system and reduce your costs.

Heat pump

Are you planning a new building or would you like to replace your existing heating system? Then we recommend a heat pump - the heating of the future. From an ecological point of view, this combination makes sense. There are only few energy losses due to the direct power supply from your own roof and you can do without coal or nuclear power. On the other hand, there is the economic efficiency and the financial amortisation.

Reduce your costs by at least 20 to 50 percent and save a good 15,000 euros in 25 years with a heat pump and PV compared to a new condensing oil heating system!

In the long run, the combination of heat pump and photovoltaics is the cheapest solution, taking into account the annual price increases for electricity, oil, etc., the running costs such as maintenance and chimney sweep, and the purchase price of the device. From 01.07.2021, this combination will even be subsidised within the framework of the new federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG WG) for renovations and new buildings. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us. 

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