Transformer stations

In addition to the planning and construction of transformer stations, we also take care of professional service including maintenance.

Transformer stations

To transport electricity over a longer distance, it must have a voltage of at least 10,000 volts. However, the end consumer or industrial customer only needs a voltage of 400 volts to be able to use electricity. To ensure this, transformer stations are needed; this converts medium voltage into low voltage.

From planning to construction and from commissioning to maintenance - we support you in all aspects of transformer stations.

We take care of the operation of your transformer station and offer you a professional service. Our top priority is to ensure that your station operates reliably and, above all, safely, not only today but also in the long term. You don't know yet whether you need a compact station or a walk-in version? Our competent team will inform you in detail and individually and discuss with you the further procedure and what you need to pay attention to.

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