PV energy storage

Make yourself independent not only of the electricity provider, but also of the weather and use your generated energy at any time.

PV energy storage system

In order to use the photovoltaic system even more effectively, a PV energy storage system is recommended as an addition. It stores the electricity generated from solar energy and releases it again at any required time. In this way, the unused electricity is available during the day or in the evening. If you do not have an energy storage system, you will quickly reach your limits and have to compensate for gaps in supply. 

Increase the use of self-produced electricity by up to 50 percent with a PV energy storage system and make yourself independent of the weather.

In terms of size, the electricity storage unit can be easily integrated in the utility room and today has a lot of intelligence with weather forecasting and self-learning algorithms. The lifespan of an electricity storage unit is roughly estimated at 15 to 20 years, should never be exposed to temperatures above 30 degrees and is not suitable for outdoor installation. Currently, only a few federal states subsidise the purchase of an electricity storage unit. We will provide you with further information on costs and installation in person.

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