Registration with the network operator

Together we also inform the grid operator and submit all the necessary documents for the feed-in tariff.

Registration with the network operator

Your grid-connected photovoltaic system must be registered not only with the Federal Network Agency, but also with the grid operator. We are happy to assist you with this process and make it easier for you to enter the world of photovoltaic systems. Although you have to register yourself as the system operator, you are very familiar with the procedure

Together we inform the Federal Network Agency and the network operator, taking care of all deadlines and documents.

The registration with the Federal Network Agency should be made no later than one day after commissioning and contain the following data: Name and address of the plant operator, e-mail address, location of the plant, nominal output in kWp and date of commissioning. It is important to document the time of commissioning. We send this protocol to the grid operator together with the certificate from the Federal Grid Agency. This is also how you receive the feed-in tariff for the photovoltaic system. 

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